Manufacturing AI

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Massive on-site source data is collected, processed, and analyzed to increase productivity and discover innovation insights via intelligent solutions based on the manufacturing data.

We provide equipment predictive maintenance system that collects various data from manufacturing equipment and connects data closely to maximize management efficiency as well as platforms for developing and managing AI services specialized in manufacturing products by creating optimal process conditions for quality improvement.

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션
엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

An Equipment Engineering System (EES) solution that maximizes Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) offers Recipe Management System (RMS), Equipment Performance Tracking (EPT), and Fault Detection & Classification (FDC) services.


Maximizes Equipment Efficiency

Modular services including RMS, EPT, and FDC for real-time equipment control and monitoring

Equipment Monitoring and Inactive Analysis

Improves OEE via real-time alarms and loss analysis for uninterrupted operation

Overall Equipment Indicators

Analysis data provided to minimize equipment's cycle time

Parameter Charts Analysis

Real-time equipment parameter monitoring and comparative analysis for minimized defects and improved productivity

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

The Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) platform supports easy development and operations of manufacturing AI services including predictive maintenance system for equipment, searching the optimal process conditions, and many more.


Manufacturing Big Data Analysis & Utilization

Preprocessing functions and visual tools supported for manufacturing data analysis modeling

MLOps Platform, Specialized in Manufacturing AI

Model design and Dev-Ops environment for developing AI services specialized in manufacturing that uses deep learning technology

Simplified Predictive Maintenance of Equipment and Improved Productivity

Builds the constant monitoring system and preemptive removal of defective factors through AI-based issue detection and diagnosis

Defect Detection and Control per Process

Inspection time shortened and human error removed through the AI-based inspection system

Expected results
MICUBE Solution provides you with the best tailored solutions for you.
  • 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

    Big data visualization for the basis of
    manufacturing data analysis

  • 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

    Uncovering manufacturing intelligence insights
    facilitating digital transformation

  • 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

    AI model design specialized in manufacturing
    and service development