Who We Are

We Design the Future of Manufacturing
by Digital Technologies

We, MICUBE Solution, are the professionals that have full capabilities to design the future and to present a blueprint of your manufacturing sites.
We are a trustworthy partner to help you tide over the heavy wave of digital changes by innovative transformation with digital technologies.

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션
엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

Inspire the Next in

MICUBE Solution will be positioned as a key player to inspire the continuous next for all of us based on the power of collective intelligence.

Core Values

Things What People of MICUBE to Have


We pursue being the professionals leading the market and industry with a sense of responsibility.


We secure competitive advantages based on creative thinking.


We respect others and embrace emerging technologies, new culture, and knowledge.


We make bold challenges for new and hard goals with the heart-throbbing experiences.


We create innovations in the organization and capabilities based on our core values.


History of
MICUBE Solution

  • Leading the Continuous Next of the Manufacturing Sites by Digital Technologies

    Chosen as a ‘Emerging AI+X Top 100 Company’ by Artificial Intelligence Industry Association


    Was awarded ‘Achievements of Industrial Digital Transformation for 2023’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy

    Listed on KOSDAQ

    Designated as an Outstanding R&D Center by Ministry of Science and ICT


    Chosen as a ‘K-Smart Lighthouse Factory’ company (with JINHAP)

    Participated in the project consortium for activating region-specific manufacturing data for Gyeonggi-do

    Released ‘Smart Digital Twin’

  • Transformed into the Manufacturing Intelligence Professionals

    Participated in the ‘Establishment of Digital Cluster Smart Factory’ (with Pulmuwon)

    Chosen as a ‘K-Smart Lighthouse Factory’ company (with Chosun Refractories)

    SP Systems Co., Ltd. Became a Majority Shareholder of MICUBE Solution, Inc.


    Built an analysis service portal for KAMP (Korea AI Manufacturing Platform)

    Was awarded ‘Smart Manufacturing Industry Merit’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy


    Was awarded ‘Excellence for Intelligence Information’ at ‘ICT Award Korea’

    Was awarded 'Grand Prize for ICT Innovation' by Hankook Ilbo

    Implemented MES for CJ CheilJedang’s 2nd factory in Jincheon, Korea and bio plant in Liaocheng, China


    Started EES business partnership with Samsung SDI

    Designated as an ‘Outstanding Company for ICT Job Creation’ by Ministry of Employment and Labor

    Chosen as one of the ‘1,000 Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies’ by the Financial Times

    Released Cloud Version of SmartFactory

  • Grew into the Company Specializing in Smart Factory

    Released SmartAI

    Obtained the SmartFactory V1.41, GS certification


    Designated as a ‘Sponsor of Informatization and Digitization of SME Manufacturing Sites’ by Ministry of SMEs and Startups


    Was awarded ‘Million Dollar Export Tower’

    Designated as an ‘Industrial Safety and ICT Knowledge Cluster’ company


    Designated as the provider of ‘Manufacturing Innovation 3.0 Smart Factory Solution’ by Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy

  • Started the Challenge toward Manufacturing Intelligence

    Released SmartEES

    Started smart factory business partnership with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)


    Started smart factory business partnership with Samsung Electro-Mechanics


    Released SmartFactory

    Released SmartEquipment

    Established an R&D center


    Incorporated MICUBE SOLUTION, Inc.

Corporate Identity

MICUBE Solution's founding motto of "M+I³" encompassing “Manufacturing” sites' "Information" and "Integrated" into "Intelligence" to provide innovative and creative products and services for customers is materialized into the shape of a casually friendly cube.

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션