Smart Factory

Remove the blind spots in management for easier decision-making.

“If you can not measure, you can not manage.”, Peter Drucker said. We can learn from his quote that procuring data transparency and building real-time sharing system is crucial for improvement of productivity.

As the cornerstone of the smart factory system, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution shares manufacturing data transparently to track down the causes of on-site issues swiftly and respond in a timely manner through quick and informed decision-making.

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션
엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

This cloud-based MES solution reduces the initial establishment cost by the modular functions from many options provided by the SmartFactory solution and strengthens data security.


Integrated Monitoring of Real-Time Production Information

Easier, faster decision-making supported through real-time, transparent sharing of all data from the manufacturing sites

Customized MES Design for Each Company

Capsulized for selective application of modules and services suiting industry characteristics

Cloud Version Available

Independent services provided for different work units and multitenancy structure for strengthened flexibility and efficiency

Reinforced Lot Tracking

Tracking and management of production, quality, material, and equipment histories to quickly respond to on-site issues

UX/UI-Based Dynamic GUI

Intuitive UX/UI environment optimized for the customers’ manufacturing sites

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

The integrated solution for implementing on-line equipment servers is in charge of equipment control and management through interfaces between equipment and smart factory systems, such as MES and Equipment Engineering System (EES).


Various Communication Methods and Protocols Supported

HSMS/SECS, OPC, PLC, Socket and other various communication protocols supported for easily integrated management of various on-site equipment

Modelers and Emulators Provided for All Options

From equipment information modeling to testing in one go

Auto-Failover Supported

System safety for zero downtime guaranteed

Master Data and Parameters Updates and Component Reloading

Real-Time File Detection (including Excel, TXT, Word, and PDF formats)

엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

Based on the next generation web standard of HTML5, the cross-browser, cross-platform standard UI framework removes intermodular dependencies for easier scaling and flexible structure.


HTML5 Support

Unrestricted use without restraints of devices and browsers

Easy-to-use Visual Tool

Screen development with easy and intuitive UI Designer

Custom Desktop Available

Customized desktop according to each employee's tasks and management points

Scalable and Flexible Development Assured

Scalable structure and flexible screen development environment supported

Expected results
MICUBE Solution provides you with the best tailored solutions for you.
  • 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

    Established MES to closely connect the
    manufacturing sites
    with the legacy systems

  • 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

    Transparency and traceability
    in process control and management
    for increased productivity

  • 엠아이큐브솔루션 엠아이큐브솔루션

    Real-time data sharing
    for expedient, accurate decision-making