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To meet the customers' needs in terms of quality and delivery time, efficient semiconductor manufacturing process must be in place.

Advancement of information technologies is leading to the explosive growth in the demand for semiconductors. From wafering to FAB, post-process, tests, and packaging, the semiconductor manufacturing process requires complex and advanced levels of cutting-edge technology, making it difficult to meet both the expected quality and delivery time.

However, you do not have to worry. Since its inception, MICUBE Solution has undertaken transcription MES system construction, integration, and operation management for large semiconductor manufacturers. With abundant field experience, we provide a one-stop solutions including managed services that comply with SEMI Standards.

Three objectives for efficient manufacturing process in compliance with SEMI Standards

  • 01 FAB process production plan automation for improved process indicators
  • 02 Full automation of semiconductor mass production factories for constructing consistent information sharing system
  • 03 Increased efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing process based on manufacturing data

Befitting Korea's reputation as the global top country in the semiconductor industry,
we provide the best customized consultations, solutions, and services.

Smart Factory

Manage complex ultra-fine manufacturing processes conveniently and transparently.

We provide integrated management solutions of manufacturing reference data for semiconductor businesses requiring the cutting-edge technologies and equipment on-line solution supporting international standard protocols including HSMS and SECS/GEM.

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Manufacturing AI

Semiconductor manufacturing process is a treasure trove of data.
Its potential value is infinite.

The core of Industry 4.0, the semiconductor manufacturing process is a treasure trove of data. You will find the game-changing gems in the unfathomably deep and wide data lake.

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For your smart factory in compliance with international standards,
MICUBE Solution is here for you.

We have been working together with local major manufacturers to build the integrated production plan and the operation automation system by improving process indicators based on FAB planning & scheduling consulting in compliance with SEMI Standards.

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Build a customized smart factory
for your own manufacturing site!

As a trustworthy partner, MICUBE Solution walks with you from the beginning to the end.